Drap Drop: Ethical and Happy Clothing

If your little ones can experience every adventure in comfort, feeling good and knowing that the garment they wear is designed to be sustainable, using natural fabrics and having a positive impact on everyone involved in its creation… That has a lot to do with happiness.

Natural materials for healthy and happy skin

Drap Drop’s collections are created with natural fibers like organic cotton, linen, and Tencel. These fibers allow your little ones’ skin to stay fresh and healthy during any adventure. And since they are cultivated and processed responsibly, caring for the environment and the artisan hands that work on every detail, that also has a lot to do with happiness.

Sustainable children’s clothing that grows with your kids

With the future in mind, we create adaptable and durable patterns so that the garments grow with your little ones. That way, their favorite shirt is designed to be a faithful companion in all their adventures.

This is another way to be responsible with fashion production and reduce the need to buy new clothes all the time. Doesn’t that also make you happy?

Fashion that arrives happily

Every time we prepare an order, we do it with care. We send it in an organic and recyclable paper bag because every detail counts in our commitment to doing things right.

Ethical garments for children who love to play and explore

As you can see, Drap Drop is a way of seeing life. It’s a celebration of play, the freedom to explore, and learning about the world in a way that also cares for and respects it. We believe that’s a beautiful way to grow.

What are you waiting for to discover the magic of Drap Drop?