Garment dye vs. fabric dye: The verdict on happy clothing

The fashion world is evolving towards more sustainable practices, rethinking every step of its production process. Ethical brands, like Drap Drop, assess how prints and dyes impact both the ecosystem and the skin of those who wear their garments.

Dressing ethically happy

Fashion, as an industry, often uses fabric dyeing — or yarn dyeing — which is a traditional method. Yarn dyeing, a traditional method that colors the threads before weaving the fabric, does not consider overproduction or the impact of the chemicals used. This process generates toxic waste that harms our ecosystem and contaminates sources of drinking water, despite representing only 3.5% of the planet’s total water.

What is the difference?

Basically, yarn dyeing is industrially produced without even considering whether all the material will actually be used. Such a waste.

In contrast, garment dyeing applies dye directly to the finished clothing, using significantly less water and generating fewer liquid wastes. This method not only conserves valuable water resources but also minimizes pollution.

Let’s talk about chemicals on your little ones’ skin.

Garment dyeing uses fewer chemicals that are also less aggressive compared to those used in yarn dyeing. This is very beneficial for both the environment and the skin, especially that of your little ones. These garments are safer and gentler for those who wear them.

Happiness in full color

In this debate between traditional dyeing and garment dyeing, colors also play a significant role.

Garment dyeing allows colors to be more vibrant and long-lasting. You know what that means? It means they won’t fade as quickly every time you wash them, so shirts, pants, or whatever it is, will stay looking like new for longer. And that helps you avoid replacing them so often! It’s a great way to contribute to sustainability and reduce the consumption cycle.

Energy efficiency, ethical clothing

The garment dyeing process requires less hot water and less production time, which means consuming less energy and reducing carbon emissions. As you can see, it is a more efficient and environmentally friendly option.

So, when you’re looking for something new to gift your little ones, look for ethical and sustainable designs like those from Drap Drop. Our collections are crafted with garment dyeing, care, and respect for the hands that make them and the skin of your little one.

Beautiful, functional, and super comfortable designs. Pure happy clothing that is also more durable, responsible, and ready for your little ones’ adventures.