About us

Can clothes be happy?
Of course it can!
When you use organic fabrics that protect even the most sensitive skin… When every design comes from ethical craftsmanship… When the negative impact of each collection is minimized to the greatest extent possible. And each garment is comfortable, functional, and fun… It’s a happy garment. A great product can only have a great (happy) story behind it. And this is mine.

Hello! I’m Anna Quintana. After working for 20 years in the fashion industry and learning about the entire process of designing and manufacturing mass-produced garments, I realized that it didn’t make me happy. Neither me nor the planet. So, I began to look for new horizons and better ways of doing things. More sustainable, more honest, and ethical.

The result is Drap Drop. My happy project, creating happy clothes for happy children in a… pretty happy world. Now I live between Barcelona and Istanbul, designing and tirelessly searching for ways to improve the designs, the fabrics… Can they be more organic? Can they be more durable? Can they have less negative impact? And so, every day. A little happy story, for happy garments.